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Norsk mann skryter av de dyre tingene sine på sosiale medier og blir ranet noen timer senere …

There's a lot of common sense in keeping your personal information off of social media.

In this instance, it's easy to see why. An 18-year old man was robbed of 35000 kr and a watch after he posted a large amount of cash to his Snapchat earlier that day. The robbery, which took place in Oslo, Norway, is just one of several crimes that have originated on Snapchat.

The man, who has remained nameless, posted a selfie which featured a considerable sum of cash to his Snapchat story. Within just a few short hours, a 21-year old man named Jacob Said, broke into his house to claim the money.

The 18-year old, who initially thought the break-in was his house cleaner, was held at with a sharp object while Said demanded the money seen on Snapchat earlier that day. Said was later identified by eyewitnesses fleeing the scene and was arrested for armed robbery.

We can all learn from this story as we should not boast flashy items on Social media.

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